Quoted from One Tree Hill

‘I guess it’s true that they say.. You will marry your mother’

Quoted from One Tree Hill. Nathans’ evil dad said that to him and he was refering to Haley. If its true, then I give my deepest condolenses to all the guys. Marrying your own mother! Hah! MUahahahaha!

It might be true ya know..

The woman figure that has been there for you since you were young. She feeds you, baths you, watch your favourite cartoon with you, spend all the money on you, keep her eyes shut when you did something wrong, etc etc etc etc…

So, its no wonder if they tend to like girls that portray their mothers. But if I’d to marry my FATHER?! Oh gosh. So… EWWW!



The Thingy

You know the bluetooth device that people stick on their ears? If I’m not mistaken, its called the bluetooth handsfree. I wonder when that thingy has become so popular. I remember a long time ago when I first saw people wearing it. I was thinking to myself, “Hmm… Pity that guy. He’s so yound but his ears isn’t functioning.”I thought it was an ear aiddevice that he was wearing. I was at the mall then. And after a few days, again I saw another

guy wearing it. This time I thought to myself, “Oh my! Oh my! People are going deaf these days.” That really gave me a shock. It was after seeing more and more people wearing it that I knew the truth. I was fooled! When did that thingy become so popular anyway? I just realise that I haven’t seen any females wearing it. For the record, the thingy looks ugly!

The drama at the traffic light

The other day when I was stuck at the traffic ligh, I saw this lady in the car beside mine. What caught my attention wasn’t the state of her car, which I must admit was what caught my attention first, but was the way she acted. She was yacking and babbling away so vigorously and excited. The things is, nobody sat beside her and nobody was in the car with her.Its so funny when you come to think of it. Its like watching tv but with no tv. Bathing but bathing air. Eating but eating nothing and your mouth moves. Laughing but no sound. Anyway you get what I mean. The lady was talking on the phone through her handsfree. After that incident, I’ve become more composed and settle down when driving alone, only dare to hum to songs played on the radio, afraid that other would see me banging my head, yacking alone like a maniac.

Anyway, just look out for more people like this the next time you’re on the road.

Something out of somewhere

I’ve noticed for a while now that boys and girls fight in a very different kind of way. For boys, they just fight their guts out and beat each other to death. And after that, they’re friends again. And as for girls, they are much more “polite”. They prefer to use their mouth rather than fist to settle the problem. They just bitch around with their friends, their friends spread it around with some other friends and in no time, the whole universe seems to know what’s going on. Yup, that’s how girls do it.

If you ask me, I’d say that fighting using the mouth hurts so much more than fist. Physical woulds heal faster than the emotional wound. Verbal fights traumatises people. Watched the Lindsay Lohan movie, “Mean Girl“?

That is cruelly true.

My Friend

Recently, I’ve met with a new friend. From the outside, I guess you can say that we are pretty much alike. I’m 18 and she’s 18. I have my family and so does she. She’s me and I’m her. Its just that we live in two different part of the world. That’s all. The end of the story.

But then again, when you look close enough, you will see that we’re indeed worlds apart. On my ide of the world, what to eat everyday is a problem. Every stal and food is becoming a bore.

On her side of the world, what to eat everyday is a problem too for her, because there is nothing to eat. Nothing to feed her family, brothers and sisters if she’s still not done with the household chore. She has to go find food. She’s the sole provider of the family. Hunting has become a job of her. Ever since the death of her father, she became the leader of the family. Her mum’s sick and her siblings are still too young and innocent.

While I fuss about what to wear to college, stressed that homework is undone and finals in nearer and nearer, she’s stressed thinking of ways to find money to pay the family debt. It’s not that her father was an alcoholic or anything. It’s because burying her dad after he died is another problem. No money = no grave. Luckily neighbours had gathered enough money to dig a hole and cremate her dad. Now she has to pay the debt. When I was thinking about how hard my life was, she was too  busy working to think about her life.

Its a big difference which family you are born into. Some are lucky and some are not so well off. For some they get to live like a king and for some, their presence aren’t even noticed. Life’s never fair, I guess. But that’s how the way life is whether you like it or not. I really do need to turn over a new leaf and reevaluate my life. I have no idea how much better off I am compared to hundreds and even thousands of other out there.