The drama at the traffic light

The other day when I was stuck at the traffic ligh, I saw this lady in the car beside mine. What caught my attention wasn’t the state of her car, which I must admit was what caught my attention first, but was the way she acted. She was yacking and babbling away so vigorously and excited. The things is, nobody sat beside her and nobody was in the car with her.Its so funny when you come to think of it. Its like watching tv but with no tv. Bathing but bathing air. Eating but eating nothing and your mouth moves. Laughing but no sound. Anyway you get what I mean. The lady was talking on the phone through her handsfree. After that incident, I’ve become more composed and settle down when driving alone, only dare to hum to songs played on the radio, afraid that other would see me banging my head, yacking alone like a maniac.

Anyway, just look out for more people like this the next time you’re on the road.


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