My “Dailies Aqua Release, Comfort on Contact” experience

      Last Sunday when I went shopping at KLCC, Paris Miki was having their 10 years anniversary or somewhat promotion. And there I was, minding my own business, came this sales guy, recommending me their contact lenses, saying its free for trial and suggesting pretty hard that I sign to get one. So, ok… If its free, why not eh?!


      Tonight was the night when tragedy strikes me. I was just out of shower and saw the “Dailies Aqua Release, Comfort on Contact” lens box. So I thought, “What the heck! Lets try give it a try..” Its kind of hard, I tell you, putting on the contact lense for the first time. The sales guy gave a pamphlet of simple steps to make your eyes smile! It looks pretty damn easy to wear.


  1. I put my lens on my index finger.
  2. Pull my lower and upper eyelid (as far apart as I could). P.s.. It hurts a hell lot if you have the typical asian type of eyes!
  3. Look ahead and place the lens on my already bulging and drying eyes. Release the lens and tah dah!!! Work all done!!

      Yeah RIGHT!


      It was after about half an hour that the darn lens finally slip onto my eyes. And it was with help! I doubt that I can wear it at all without my sis helping me by sticking her finger onto my eyes..


      You heard me right. My sis have to poke her finger into my eyes REPEATEDLY so that the lens would stick on my eye and not her finger!


      It was horrible, I tell you. Having your eyeball being touched like that. Too much exposure! It finally stay put on my eyes after what seems like forever.


      It felt like… NOTHING! I’m not even sure that its really on my eyes. Plus my eyes itches a lot. That was it. I started to panic. I wanted it out. I don’t know if its in, but I want it out right that moment. I screamed, “Becca! Get it out of me right now.” My eye was flooded with tears. It itches B-A-D.


     It reads on the simple steps to make your eyes smile that I have to pull the damned thing down to the white of the eye and just remove it  J-U-S-T-L-I-K-E-T-H-A-T!


     Yeah, RIGHT!

      It sticks like, the way your nails is stuck to your fingers, the way elephant glue stick to everything it eats, the way my baby sis stick to me when she wants my loly pop! Leeches!


      As long as it took to put it on, that’s how long I spent pulling the lens out. The relieve… Breath of fresh air… Ahh…! My eye still itches now even after 6 hours getting it out.


      The next time I’ll touch contact lens, will be a long long time, mate!


      Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Don’t let me have the pleasure of telling you, “I  told you so!” I really enjoy saying that…


      What the heck! Have fun trying out contact lenses! Who knows, you might like it! But then again…….


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