My friends might have known this for quite a while. I, on the other hand, just only figured this out. Its official people. I have mood swings. =P
I can be so incredibly talkative in a minute and the next, I’m sulking and keeping my mouth shut tight. I can be so incredibly playful in a minute and the next, I’m so angry and fierce that you wanna be far from me. Its official. I think I’m having menopause. Yup, I’m certain.

      I like eating chocolates. I really do. Hersheys, Cadbury, Toblerone, MnM’s… But it gives me headache. Sometimes even migraine.

      And when I drink coffee, I can’t sit still. My heart pumps one zillion times faster than normal. I get aggitated. Caffeine = no no

      I really do believe in peer pressure. I’ve got book crazy friends that studies like there’s no tomorrow. They make me feel so guilty if I’m having fun. I hate them! Damn jahat peoples… Hurmph   And when I have exam nowadays, I can’t study. Because my housemate is not having any test. Damn jahat peoples.

      When I’m studying or reading, I can’t seem to keep still. I have to be do something else. Playing the pen with my fingers and dropping it countless times. Playing with my finger and nails. Playing with my hair.

      Toilet is like, the bestest place ever. I get so many ideas from in there. I know it sounds weird, but its the truth. Maybe its the serenity there.. Haha!

      I love my car. I wonder how long it’ll stay in one piece… I have experienced so many near-accidents, I know that it won’t be long till I bang another car.

      I so don’t understand the reason I can’t keep the things I love away from accidents.

      Secretly, I’m wishing I’m not here blogging. Instead, I hope I am at Rain’s concert, shouting and jumping and singing.


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