This surely is a week full with rollercoaster rides. Going all down, down, down and never up again. I don’t know what’s gotten me so down these past few days. (Must be the menopause!)

      Life was becoming a routine, and one that I didn’t like. A lot of uncertainties and undecided moments. Boredom got me so angry. I don’t like routines. Not one bit. Anyways, I got so fed up and I decided I need to have a bitch fit.

      My goodness.. Even I wouldn’t want to be around me. I just found out that my life was so damn boring. Its a wonder that I didn’t die of boredom. I spent nearly all 18 years at home sitting.

      I always am envy of people and families that get to go vacations every now and then. Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, France, America etc etc.

      “What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?” Erm.. Go shopping all day long?

      See how bored my life is?

      I am like a bird, locked inside a nice big cage. I’m like the mice in Flushed Away, who thinks that he’s got it all. Until one day when he get’s out of his “palace”, he knows he’s missing out in life.


      I have already missed out a lot in my teen’s. I wanna do more, experience more, feel more… I don’t want to miss out anymore. Problem is, I’m still a bird. Still living inside of my cage. I’m trying desperately to break free. Failing.

      I don’t want to wake up one day, realising I’m already 89 years old and still as náive as ever. I want to wake up one day and decide, “Ok, today I’m going to skip all classes and go partying till tomorrow!”.

      I wanna go crazy one day.


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