It really gets on my nerves whenever I read, 
            “Add me lar. All leng chai and leng lui… Add me at Faster add me ohh… You won’t regret…

      Seems so desperate too me. Too desperate. Hate it even more if its in the About Me section. No description, no nothing but just waiting for people to add you.

      I’ve given up Friendster. The popularity chase there, gives no meaning anymore. Sick of seeing all the wannabe’s. I don’t get the point of opening it everyday and checking how many people have seen your lame-ol page or how many testimonials you got or how many friends you have.

      Its all too virtual. The friends are too virtual.

      The next thing that bugs me a lot is the forward messages. The ones that threatens if you don’t pass it on. Craps! Plain silly if you believe in all those and if you feel you need to forward it to all of your hundreds of so-called friends.

      Last but not least, the cutesy face of the girls. Out of the 50 pictures (max that you can put), nearly 48 are of the same kind. The same pose. The same “oh see my crystal eyes and cute mouth I’m making”. Makes me wanna laugh out loud.

      The things people do for popularity!


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