Mandy and Billy

      Still at home now.. Waiting to fly back to kl and start another week of boring ol college again. Can’t wait till Chinese New Year comes. Can’t wait to get rich again! Teehee! And wear new clothers.

      Anyway, pssh… Can’t stand Esther screaming at the top of her very high lungs! And also, the sight of Goofy ‘making love’ with the floor rug. Eww! The other day I saw him ‘making love’ to the big doggie doll upstairs. Reminds me of the movie Click. Haha!

      Was forced by Esther to watch Cartoon Network every single minute. Pssh! Not all bad though.. Quite like Grim and Mandy. Er… Mandy and Billy I suppose..

                  LtoR: Billy, Grim and Mandy

      Billy is kindof disgusting… Mandy, too much anger. But Grim, he’s kinda hot! Teehee!


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