Microsoft One Note. Testing, testing!

Since I can’t be online so often, I’ve found a way where I can dot down things that’s been on my mind. Through Microsoft One Note. Here it is…



I’m here, sitting at the 3rd level, waiting to go home. The lab session just now was like usual. Which is, boring! The communication gap, is making me so frustrated. And yes, I decided to distance myself. I refuse to learn Mandarin. I know it’ll do me good… I just don’t wanna learn it. Anyhow, weather outside is looking ok, I guess. Windy and gloomy. Definitely better than hot and dry.


Current mood: Frustrated! Why? Been sitting here for an hour plus plus, trying to connect to the Internet, the freedom to the world, and failing. Pssh! And this ladies and gentlemen, is what you call, Technology.


Wow! I never knew that Microsoft Office OneNote is so useful! Its been there in my laptop for ages and I just never gave it a try. Now that I have, I’m not getting my hands out of it! Tee hee! So far so good. Just wish they came with the emoticons though.


That is just typically me. Ever so afraid to try new things. I don’t know why. I just, don’t. I don’t even feel like trying new things. I’m one of those who just uses, eats and drinks the same ol same ol. The good thing is… I seldom get bored of using, eating and drinking same ol same ol. Tee hee! = ) Well, I did at some point in my life, got bored of drinking water. And I did, got crazy all over water. Gotta get my head fixed someday.


Anyway, Chinese New Year is next next week. Yeay! I can’t wait till holiday. I’ll find any excuse to skip college these days. Any!! You can’t really blame me ya know. I mean, the weather is oh so terrible these past few weeks. Plus, there’s not parking within the campus. Plus plus, there’s like another one trillion working hours left before week 14 comes. I definitely like working in the lab under Mr. Hor than in the marketing department.


Note: Defragmenting my laptop now. The first time ever that I have done so on any computer. Result of boredom. Oh… p.s: already 55% done. Yeay!


Back to the what I was saying. Mr. Hor is very nice man. Well mannered and always have stuff for me to do! Which is a big thing. You see, marketing is …. Marketing! Busy and stuff. You’d think that they’ll have stuff left unfinished. But no. So, I can’t finish my hours! Plus, this Christina person, she’s never around. So I get tossed like a rag doll between the personnel there. And by the way, they are very unfriendly. Pssh!

Another thing I like now is that, I get to cheat the hours easily! = )  A few extra hours every now and then.


Time now: 5:12pm. Pssh! Another 15 more minutes left to wait.


Note: Finish defragmenting! Result= 83% space left for me to put in rubbish! Good news. By the way, it smells here from where I’m sitting. Grr…


Oh ya! Few weeks ago, when I was working in the Pharmacy Project Lab (I think..), washing the test tubes, conical flask etc, I smelt something awful. Now, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the chemicals (though it is pretty bad too). And the smell, it was familiar. Disgustingly familiar. Fart! Bluek! The lab assistant was bending down towards the small cabinet and he farted. Omg!


Another thing that happened recently. A girl, from what I heard, who lived at Angkasa condo nearby college, was raped. The girl is from my college too. And apparently, she was raped by a black man who, from what I heard, is also studying at the same place!


Note: College sucks!


Continue. I really do pity the girl. And then it struck me. It could’ve been me! Dang! And from what I heard, college admin is importing a lot of these blacks. No prejudice or whatsoever, but college is pretty much like Nigeria now. They are supposedly, from what I heard, intelligent people sponsored by their government to continue study here.

But so far, most of them are just fooling around and enter class to chit chat with friends.


Lols! Pretty much like most of the locals too!


But their problem was much more serious.


3 minutes left till 5.30pm. Better save and pack things. It’s a Friday night! Most probably going to The Curve and hit the bar.



So, home again. Funny thing is, I can’t get my mind of Office OneNote! Tee hee! Been thinking about what to write in. Can’t access the net whenever I wanted so, with this, I can dot down what I ter-think of. As long as I can get my hands on the com, anyway.


Mum called not long ago, asking me about the bomb incident just around my area. I don’t even know. Talk about being frog under coconut shell, man. Should have been exciting…


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