Toilet and Dreams


Toilets. Loo. Washrooms. Ladies room. Or whatever people call it these days. The other day, there’s this toilet that I was using. It was so damn dirty despite it being a nice place. It just spoils the whole environment and atmosphere. There you are, happily enjoying your meal and the scenery at the restaurant and suddenly nature calls. And when you gotta go, you gotta go! In you go to the toilet. Welcoming you are, stinking smell and puke. It just spoils the moment! Yes, you need good environment while releasing yourself. Its not only me who says so. The survey says so too.


So I think to myself, one day if I do open a restaurant, toilet is going to be one thing on top of the “Important things to notice“. Food, no. 1 priority of course. Followed by cleanliness. Be it the cleanliness of the staff, restaurant or the toilet. I’d employ workers especially for the toilet. Not any mak cik- mak cik or aunty. Should never run out of toilet roll. Plus, air freshener! =P

Don’t want no shit or fart smell.


Then, the pricing must be equally economical too. Not too expensive and well, not too cheap. Or else, where would I profit right?! Parking and accessibility are another factors too.


Note: This sounds like some high school essay!


The chef, me of course! I’m a good cook too. Once I remember what ingredients to put in each dishes and how to stir stuff. Tee hee!


Best dishes so far:

  1. Stella’s Specialty Campbell Mushroom Soup
  2. Tuesday’s Special Hotdog
  3. Perfect Half-boiled eggs with Secret Recipe
  4. Burger oh Burger!
  5. Steamed Dory Fillet Fist
  6. Kangkong
  7. Baby Spinach Fried with Special Ingredients
  8. Stella’s Special Scramble Eggs


8 dishes! Not bad, huh?! If you are wondering why the names are so different, let me explain. I’ve read somewhere in some cook book that the longer you name you dishes, the more attractive it is. Tee hee! = P



Oh ya… Public toilets nowadays, cannot be trusted. Each time I’m in one, I can’t stop thinking what the last person using did. Did she step on it? Or did she squat halfway? Or did she (Malaysians generously do) step on the toilet bowl?


There was a notice at the toilet near School Of Applied Sciences’ toilet a while ago.


Do not step on the toilet bowl. You would not get deadly disease sitting on it. Nor will you get AIDS, skin disease, or (some other disease known to human being).


I find it amusing. Tee hee!


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