CNY and tarot readings.

      End of Chinese New Year.. This year’s ang pao collection is pretty much the same as every year, but I ain’t complaining. After all the gatherings with families, came the gathering I’ve been patiently waiting. Friends. My second family.

      Its been a while since we last hang out, all busy with their studies and life. Living in different states didn’t make things easier either. Been catching up on how everyone has been through talks of mouth. I’m glad to see them all excelling in life.

Vinie, most probably the busiest of them all, is quite happy with college and works.
Jess, going away for India in May. Gonna miss you very much, Jess!
Sonia, happily in love.
And the rest of the gang, tuitions! Haha! I can see Yap busy booking bus tickets for the next tuition sessions while Phoon read’s everybody’s future with her tarot reading.
<Edited>And not to forget, the annoying Bex that tagged along that day. Busy exchanging loud secretive whispers with Phoon about some boy who is supposedly to be cute etc.

      Talking about tarot, I had mine read the other day. And it didn’t came out right. I kindof knew that I would get bad readings, but silently hoping I’m wrong. Here’s my reading according to my understanding. Phoon failed badly in explaining the results. Haha!

My past : I am a person full of spirit and determination. Great success in 
                 everything that I venture into.
 I’m a successful athlete and a politician. I
                 would continue running my family business.

According to Yap, I’m a great politician. Phoon said, I’m an athlete. Ching said, this reading is accurate. <Edited>Bex said something I don’t really remember. I felt, its true.

My current state : I failed one or two of my subjects in studies. Loss of hope and 
                                determination. Loss my way while struggling to become who I
                                am and now, clueless and pointless to what I should do.

Yap, silent. Phoon said, “Ei, you got concentrate or not just now because if not it will come out differently wan wor!?” Ching asked, did you fail in your exam?? <Edited> Bex said to not trust tarot cards and that its just for fun. Plus Phoon was no expert either. I felt, its true. I am loss and I don’t know anything for sure anymore.

My future : I will fail badly in my business and I will run away when problem comes
                    along. Irresponsible, is what I am.

All, silent.

In the end : I will learn to stand up on my own two feet and not needing the help of
                     parents. After all my struggle, I will succeed.

Yap said, finally something comes out right. Phoon said, Don’t worry lah. See!Good wan in the end. <Edited> Bex was, busy eating up all the biscuits and choosing nice looking ones too. I am, hoping the future won’t be too rough on me.

So there you have it. My tarot reading. There’s another reading about my love life. Haha… Let me just keep it to myself


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