Today was, I created history. For myself, of course.

I brought my friend’s mum to Pudu Raya. Although I still don’t have a clue what that place is, but its still a success.

  1. I’m able to board the all-confusing lrt without people guiding me. [Sort of]
  2. I’m able to have conversation with a grown-up!

Wee!! Big Smile  Silly me, I know I know. My peers and fellow friends have the super ability to have conversation with the elders. Me, my mouth stays shut whenever I’m with someone I don’t really know of. Some said that I’m a stuck up. Whatever!

Truth is, I feel so uncomfortable and formal when grown-ups are around. Although I’m nearing 19, my mind still is back when I’m in Form 3. My mind gets all blurred up and my tongue got tied up talking to them. I’m so very bodily concious. My heart works triple times faster but my brains shuts down immediately. Never once in my life have spent so much time alone with an adult.

Never once!

My turning point was today!! Its really not that bad. They don’t eat you up when you say something stupid or naive like what I’ve imagined all these years. At least, she doesn’t. They too can joke with you like you do with your buddies.

A boost of confidence! Confidence level went 0.5% higher! Gambateh to me! I’ve got a long way to go.


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