Wow… Another week just crept on me! This week is honestly the fastest week ever, I don’t really notice how fast time passes by. Been hectic preparing for midterm exams.

      I’m so done with Physics! I’ve been really terrible with this subject since high school. For every question, the lecturer kept saying ” Physics is a very logical thinking. You use your logic and try this question”. I swear if I hear it from him again, I’ll explode!! Enough is enough.. Thanks for the apple, Newton!


      Coming up next is Probs and Stats and Computing Essentials. Subjects that have no relations whatsoever with my course. A waste of time.

      Anyway, Esther’s down with chickenpox for a week now.. She remains as annoying as ever, unfortunately.. I’m so evil! Haha! The story to the discovery of her chickenpox is really “interesting”. Upon seeing a few red dot on her face, mum took her to a skin specialist who said that she was bitten by bug! Its ‘magnificent’ why that doc managed to become a specialist. I really doubt his abilities.. Really do.

      I shall go now. Gotta study study study. I didn’t watch tv for a week already! Poor me!



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