One late night on MSN, Vinie told me that she didn’t think I’d have such deep thoughts..

I don’t really consider it deep actually. Really. Anyhow, I take it as a compliment. I guess not much people knows that I think deeply about a lot of things. They are not to blame. This playful and silly little kid that I portray cheats the naked eye. Easily.

There are a lot of things that I think about but I just can’t find the word to express how I feel. Explaning can be so hard most of the time. Thus, I just ended up not saying it out loud. Not much people take me seriously. Who would? This kid is just a … kid! After years of practice, my mouth is sealed tight. Like a shell. My feelings, kept inside for me to heal.

Quoting from Aristotle in my own words;

We become who we are through practice. Honest by being honest.

I’ve been misjudged a lot to know that I have to tell what I think. But as I said, words can’t express what I feel, think. I get sick of thinking too much at times. I envy the innocence of a little child. The naive and pure heart of their’s. I wish I can stop thinking. People don’t stop thinking. Even in sleeps.


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