My most embarrassing moment. EVER.

Over the weekend, my two best friends and I went to watch Primeval. We were supposed to watch 300, of three hundred soldiers against one million. But the ticket sold like hot cakes.


The movie was so so, with me shouting and shrieking every now and then… Stupid croc gave me a heart attack!


On a more interesting note, ten minutes through the movie mum called to check up on me. Boy was I frightened! No croc is as scary as mama croc! So out I went from the cinema to chit chat with mummy. Mum keeps hammering in my head, Don’t go out so far and don’t go out late kay? Stay at home and study hard. Remember! Study hard kay? Don’t go so long and stay at home. Study well and good luck kay? I will come on Sunday to visit you. Study hard!


Yeah right! Like come on lar man.. Its Friday night and enough studying already. How many Friday nights can you have while you are still young? So, after the phone call I re-entered the hall from where I came out from.


The doors were locked tight and thanks to my super strength, I managed to very forcefully open the door and have all heads turn facing me from all the noise I made in the process. So thankful that the hall was dark, hoped that nobody recognise me.


Then down I went to my seat.


A… B… C… I’m J7… J7… J7… Ahah! J! Eh? How come this row is full geh? I thought we were the only people sitting in this row! Never mind lar, don’t think too much. Eh? How come there’s so many people watching? Just now where got some many people! Aiyah… This must be a good movie… Must faster get to my seat now.


Aisk… why this fellow don’t want to let me pass wan? Keep on staring at me for what, just let me through dumbo! Never mind him! I push and force then he will let me go wan. Yes! Padan muka you! I’m in! Ok ok… Fast fast get to my seat and continue watch the movie. (Then, I ter-glance at the screen while struggling to my J7 seat) Eh! Why on the sea and got boat? Never mind…




Why is my seat occupied? This feels so wrong… Everybody is staring at me! Shit! Shit! Damn! I’m in the wrong hall! Oh man! Come on, come on! Let me get out. Keep your legs!!! Argh…………


(Boom! There goes the door again as I run out)

After struggling out from the cinema with all heads and eyes on my back, I finally found my hall. This time, I made sure its my hall before going in again.


Phew! This hall got few people. Row J, row J.. Ahah! J! Yes, this is my hall. Lets check out the screen first! Yes, land and jungle! Primeval alright!


There you have it. My most embarrassing moment.


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