Rainy days… I love it when it rains, especially during the night. I could just sleep on forever. Waking up in the morning on weather like this, are so hard. Hugging the blanket as it keeps my body warm, tossing and turning to find the nicest spot to sleep. Everything feels so right.

Finally, I had my scholarship working form signed. Relieved! All the demanding credit hours are fulfilled, works are done and there are plenty time to spend. The only bad thing is, there’s not enough money to spend! Haha! Money is never enough around here. Still, life is great!

Did I mention the state that my college is in? Its dead-er than the morgue. Like, morgue without the dead. The state of security around this area, near zero.

And few minutes ago, got the news that my friend was molested on the way out of the lift by the negros.

Shocking. [State of security: NONE]

I keep holding the hope that people, regardless of race, color and nationalism, are just people. I believe that deep inside, even in the most wicked and cruelest people, there’s an ounce of goodness in their heart. Some thinks I’m silly or ignorant. Some even think I’m naìve. I want to believe in that.

But I’m not sure anymore. Maybe some humans are born to be cannibals without feelings. Ruthless and vicious.

I can’t imagine this happening to me. I never imagined it happening to people surrounding me, just in the papers, to some strangers in some foreign world. Things like this shouldn’t happen.

I don’t know if I were in her shoes. Being molested like that. I’d probably break down. Or, I’d be asking for more molesting sessions! Haha! Now, that’ll freak him out. What should you do when you’re treated like that? Do the administration people even care? To them, its just another statistic.

People. They are so unimaginable.


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