Song of the year…

… goes to Tu Amor by RBD!

You probably have heard RBD’s Tu Amor.. Or not. Well, its being played over and over again in the radio. Each time I tune in or, there’s this song! I, for one, really like their song. Just this one -the other songs, not too good. And I think that this is my song!

Everyone should have like their own song. Like Bec, she likes Oh Is It Love by Hellogoodbye and everytime she hears it, its;

Turn up the volume! Now! NOW! N-O-W! OMG… Hellogoodbye! Malaysia sucks, can’t even get their album anywhere here! Grr…

She’s all psyched up and excited. Well, Tu Amor is certainly my song! The tunes’ stuck to my head all day long, repeating and repeating for infinity. And the weird thing is, its not annoying me. Unlike Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, now that really annoys me. I can’t hear that song or it will stick like double-sided tape onto my brain.

The other thing about this song that I like is that, it brings me good luck. I don’t really like believe in luck too much but this one day when I was about to sit for the freaking Physics test, I said that if the radio is playing my song, the test would be easy.

When I turn on the radio,

Tu amor.. I will always be tu amor… Means the world to me. Estaras sempre em mi corazon…You’re the one in my soul tu amor

And yeay, the test was darn easy! I scored 20/20 for it too! Haha!

So, some new pictures shot in home.
Time; 1 something in the morning
Mood; Hyper, too much lactic acids in brain


Can someone PLEASE tell Bec to get her own nose to pick?!


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