… is next week. Good news and bad news all at the same time. Barely touch my books and study. I am right now like a bear. Cute cuddly. Haha! I’m like a bear, getting ready to hibernate for few months. I want to just play play and play all day long and give a break to my brain. Getting lazier.

The good new about this final exams is that I’m finally going to get into my degree programme. Yeay! A new chapter of my life. Hopefully, future is not going to be too rough on me. Get and make more new friends. More lab sessions, which is not so much of a good news but still, its alright. Just get me a good and responsible lab partner who doesn’t want to blow up labs.

Finally ending the crappy courses and subjects like Physics, Calculus and Computing Essentials. I don’t see the importance of the kinetic energy I conserved when I sleep, eat, fart or the angular acceleration of the eggs when I step on the brake pedal.

The bad news is that, the lazier I am the harder next semester will be. And its hard not to get lazy. Studying biology was never easy since high school. It gets tougher in college, having the syllabus in English. Its a shame that I barely manage to pass. Cukup cukup makan. Dad was furious when he got to know I got a B for it. Really pressuring if I can’t score this time around. Got to prepare to hear his lecture, longer than lecturers.

Anyhow, will continue to struggle through until the end. Can’t wait to be able to sleep and wake up late. I really hate morning classes. I wonder how I was able to wake up 6.30am everyday without fail during high school. Able to wake up AND full of spirit! Young, I guess.

Those were the days. I’m getting older and I’m hating it. To bits.


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