Embracing the holiday…

… mood! Never felt so relieved that exam is over. Not long from now, I’ll be in my degree year. Closing this chapter and writing a new chapter in my life. It won’t be an easy year, I know it, but hopefully it won’t be too hard.

Ahh… Last paper was the Physics paper on Wednesday and I think I did pretty ok.I knew that the questions won’t be so hard. Wasted lots of time studying. Big Smile Should have concentrate more on Desperate Housewife.

Went to the oh-so-famous pasar malam at Connaught that night. Nothing much to browse, went there like every week and no new stall, chau taufu as smelly as ever. Beggars lying around on the floor, seeking for sympathy to continue life. I believe that these beggars is a part of a group/association because they never fail to appear at the pasar malam. The same face all year round.

This one particular lady caught my attention that night. She’s around the 40s, I think. She’s new in this begging group, as I’ve never seen here before. But anyway, she comes to ‘work’ with her son around 9-12 years old. This lady, she is perfectly un-disable. She is perfectly normal. But…

She chose to beg. I really think that she is throwing her life away and dragging her perfectly normal son with her! It enrage me when she could find other jobs but chose to beg. I don’t get and never will get what is in her mind. Even dish washing would be better than this. 

I pity the kid more. He doesn’t even understand what’s going on, probably thinking that life is what it is. The mother should know better. She should know better…


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