Day 2…

… of sem break and I can’t stand it already. Gosh, things are getting boring around here. I thought I’ve planned it all. Going to be as lazy as I can. I was really tired and fed up of working so hard. But I didn’t know that being lazy is a hard work too. This is unpredicted and out of the plan. Anyhow, my plans never work.

Ah.. I just love it when goofy comes and sits by my side when I cry (feign cry). Dog is men’s best friend. He just sits there and stare into my eyes with his oh-so-innocent eyes.

I’m really annoyed when dad and mum plays the karaoke. The singing, the sound, the amplitude, the frequency of their voice is enough get me my migraine. As if that is not bad enough, they like to pump up the volume to most maximum. And make sures that everyone hears the lousy screeching. Grrr…


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