Yeay! Another chapter.

The start of this week, marks my beginning of my degree level education, thus the end of my honeymoon year. (DARN!) I’ve never quite understood why people say that university is tough and challenging. I get it now. My days are packed, packed, packed! Sad

There’s no lunch break on weeks where lab sessions are on. Another bummer! Me, with no lunch, I don’t think I’ll survive this year. Haha! Fat greedy me! Plus, working for the stupid 65hours isn’t gonna make things easier. Like what I always say, college is cheating us me. Scholarship student’s elsewhere only work for 35 PER YEAR! ARgggh! Anyway, made some new friends.. I hope they are hardworking, coz I’m all pumped up to work hard this time! Being the only girl in the group is really akward and fresh since I’ve always been in all girl’s gang. Shocked

On a more interesting note, I’m making resolutions this new semester. To be more hardworking and try not to study last minute. I’m not those type that can squeeze facts last minute, just too much pressure. Another resolution, to be more open-minded towards religion. I’ve been touched once… And I’m hoping things will turn out good. I wanna get good grades and be 1st degree holder. Its going to be hard but I’m not giving up without a fight. The last resolution, to finish reading a really really nice bible bought yesterday. I actually bought it coz its got nice cover and colour pages inside. But, I’ll give it a try before start questioning about it again. (Already got few questions in my mind, all set to bombard people)

Ah.. Resolutions! Few really come true. The rest, just stay as forgotted wishes. Typically me lar.



Its been a long time since the last time I update… Ah, nothing much has happened since the last time.. Things are getting a little bit out of hand, with assignments and reports and works all nearing their dead end. Oh crap! The heck with em!

I’ve been practicing a lot on my guitaring skills. And yeay! My first complete song that I can play is Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton. I’m addicted to playing it, the songs keep singing in my head, and I keep thinking of ways to perfect my strumming.. I can play Right Here Waiting, More Than Words-Extremes, Jingle Bells (hahaha!), and Stand By Me… Learnt it all halfway, what a waste… I need a real coach!

Oh, just got the news that Vinie’s going to Australia. TONIGHT! Damn… The furthest that I’ve ever been is to Singapore and Thailand. Damn! The furthest I’ve ever been without mum and dad is my NS camp and college. Go on… Laugh all you want. 😛
You know you are jealous because you don’t have sticky mum and dad like mine! 😛

What else what else? Really nothing much had happen. My mouse died. I mean my computer mouse. Does that even count? I’m really bad at using touchpad. Things keep popping up… I’m going to get a new one tonight, dad’s not going to pay me. Argh!

Oh.. I’ve got one. I just got a new handphone. I know I know I just changed a new one but the K610i dies out of the blue. Mum likes it, and thus I get a new one. W810i. See? I don’t abuse mum’s money! Its a white phone and I’m hoping this one doesn’t look old anytime soon.

Ah… Read the bible this morning and there’s a paragraph I liked. I’ll post it up next time.


I drew! I finally finally did it! I’m so proud of myself. I am like so TALENTED! Muahahaha! After years of brain washing me and the whole world of how untalented and how I have no creative cells, I finally break free.

“We’re breaking free. We’re soaring. Flying. To get to the place, to be all that we can be.”

Ok, so the real talent that inspired me was Daniel and his animal zoo.


Cuties! And heres mine. Picture is blur but that is all I can manage on my stupid retarted 2mp camera phone.


Oooo… Lookie there! Nice… I promise I’ll get a better looking picture in the future. I’m so addicted. I am going to go draw more!!! Yeay!