Its been a long time since the last time I update… Ah, nothing much has happened since the last time.. Things are getting a little bit out of hand, with assignments and reports and works all nearing their dead end. Oh crap! The heck with em!

I’ve been practicing a lot on my guitaring skills. And yeay! My first complete song that I can play is Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton. I’m addicted to playing it, the songs keep singing in my head, and I keep thinking of ways to perfect my strumming.. I can play Right Here Waiting, More Than Words-Extremes, Jingle Bells (hahaha!), and Stand By Me… Learnt it all halfway, what a waste… I need a real coach!

Oh, just got the news that Vinie’s going to Australia. TONIGHT! Damn… The furthest that I’ve ever been is to Singapore and Thailand. Damn! The furthest I’ve ever been without mum and dad is my NS camp and college. Go on… Laugh all you want. 😛
You know you are jealous because you don’t have sticky mum and dad like mine! 😛

What else what else? Really nothing much had happen. My mouse died. I mean my computer mouse. Does that even count? I’m really bad at using touchpad. Things keep popping up… I’m going to get a new one tonight, dad’s not going to pay me. Argh!

Oh.. I’ve got one. I just got a new handphone. I know I know I just changed a new one but the K610i dies out of the blue. Mum likes it, and thus I get a new one. W810i. See? I don’t abuse mum’s money! Its a white phone and I’m hoping this one doesn’t look old anytime soon.

Ah… Read the bible this morning and there’s a paragraph I liked. I’ll post it up next time.


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