Yeay! I’ve got myself a new hobby… Which is, to learn all the songs in the advertisements. Buahahaha! My personal favourite is the SuperRing song.

SuperRing lazat, SuperRing riang, SuperRing super jom bergembira!!!

It took me about a damn week to learn it. Darn hard for little kids to sing along… The song I hate the most is probably Digi’s. The oh-so-familiar I will follow you…. Pretty kinky and annoying…

Each time I catch SuperRing on tv, I go nuts and my housemate is restless and annoyed. Ah, I’ve never seen aspirin before. I think I need an aspirin… Randomness.

I’m hungry. I want chocolates, chicken rice, siew yuk rice, pan mee, McDonalds, pee pee… My pundi will explode any minute.



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