The Secret Ingredient.

I have this habit of mine when I’m brushing.. I like to look take the toothpaste and the face wash and turn it around. Then, I automatically look for the ingredients word and start reading the ingredients. Its been a habit of mine for I think 4-5 years already.

There hasn’t been any improvement since the first day I started doing this. I still don’t understand what sodium laureth sulphate or methyl glucose dioleate or benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol or sodium salicylate is. Once, I used to think that these were the secret ingredient. That is why we shouldn’t know what they are because if everyone knows the secret ingredient then, the stuff won’t sell so well. Big Smile

One day, I’m going to read all those and understand thoroughly what it is, what it does, how it works and be a fat old nerd. Muahahaha!

Harry Potter is out! I need to watch it… I HAVE to! I heard that Transformers are great. Really? It sounds like a boys movie and I dont know if I should spend RM10 to see shiny shiny gadgets… Hmmm


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