Happy belated Merdeka! 50 years… Phew! I hope everyone had a good time. I had hell of a time… I was terribly sick, I’ve never been as sick as this. Vomitting everything that goes down my throat. I thought my stomach was coming out, seriously. 5 1/2 hours of long drive to Redang Island was a drag. I nearly vomitted in the car, had everyone really scared (not because I was deadly sick but because they are grossed out at the sight of vomit. Great families). I missed out on all the buffets.. Darn! By the 3rd day, I’m well and eating like a pig. Pig and proud! Big Smile

Redang Island is really breath-taking. Breath-taking! If I was given a chance, I’ll definitely go back again. I lurrrrve snorkelling. Things to do before I die: learn swimming then diving! Haha…

The house is under renovation. Big time. Spent like most of my holiday in the room to avoid dust. Hope it’ll be over soon.. Or I’ll be claustaphobia. Worst still, I’ll become the dust bunny! Gahahaha! Its amazing the creativity and imagination that mum and dad has. They can look at broken walls and windows and go “Wow! It looks really nice… Now we have to adjust this this this… Do it like this this… If it was like that then it’ll be nice”. I wonder if I’m adopted. How come they never pass down any creative cells to they eldest daughter?!! I feel left out…

So I’ve already started my new semester. Its gonna be really packed seeing next month will be the final examinations! Hahaha… I’m still on holiday mode. Shit!






I suddenly wanna own an iPhone. Its so sleek and smooth, you gotta be mad to not want it. Hmm… Late birthday presents anyone???