Its time to P-A-R———T-Y!

Yes, exam’s out… Its time to simpan balik my lucky pen, lucky watch, notes, reference books and my lucky bra. Muahahaha! Joking. But I really do have my lucky pen and watch. I’m not sure how much luck it gave me but I have those things since I’m 13-14 years old. It stuck with me through thick and thin.. PMR, SPM and now through my degree year. Wow, I only realise that now.

I’m so excited! I’ve got 2 months of holiday! Yeepee…. I’ve had it all planned out. I’m gonna start my intensive excersice, eat less, sleep a bit less and do a whole lot of everything.

Dad said that we’re going to Hong Kong at the end of the year. Disneyland! Another vacation! Two vacations in a year?! OMG, that’s like miracle to me. We never get to go on holiday a lot, this is like winning a jackpot! I dreamt about going to Disneyland ever since I knew Mickey lives there. Hah! But I’m a bit grown up for Disneyland. Tongue I’d give anything to go to America or England or Australia. Anything to see cute guys, nice 6pac abs, long nose, innocent blue eyes… Aww…

Anyway anyhow, I’m so so so glad there’s no need to stay up late at night studying and miss all my favourite shows. There’s so much to be done. Well, time is on my side! Muahahaha








But first, I need some sleep..


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