Week two of holiday… I’m bored outta my mind lar… I thought this would be a great getaway after all the stress and hardwork. The first week passed by so fast, it was great but coming to the second week everything is a drag. Esther is at home, which of course made things even more unbearable. Babysitting! FOR FREE! Hah, I’m a really good sister. I just hate it when she hugs my psp as if it’s hers’. Ish, jealousy! I had to be driver, on call 24-7 to fetch people home and tuitions. YES BEC, I’M REFERRING TO YOU!

Looking forward to next week’s holiday with Bec and her friend.. Anything is better than being stared by the com.

Ah, went to the funfair with the family just now. It was a good thing, family bonding time. Dad has been quite bitter these past few days. It scares me. Its bad enough I have a dad that looks like lion.. Hehe! The tokens are so expensive, the rides are good but its not worth that much though. Anyhow, it just bugs me that everything nowadays is about money money money!

You need money to have fun! Geez! Life is so materialistic… Give me one thing thats fun and free?! Everything is about money money money. I had this dream where money doens’t exist and everybody works hard for everybody.

fly pig fly
When dream comes true, pigs can fly

Oh… My diet plan isn’t working. Haha. Of course. Mum cooks bak kut teh, chicken rice, sotong, soups etc… Yum yum.



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