I am and feel like a toad.

Going to various doctors and specialist is nothing new anymore. Getting medications, pills and a variety of cleanser. I really do hate pimples. People outgrow it when they get older and get past their puberty but mine just keeps growing. I blame it all on daddy. Well, maybe I drink a little less water than normal people do and eat a little more fried food than normal people do but its still daddys’ fault!!!

I’ve tried the strongest medicine before, so strong that it can cause abortion. It worked at first, but not for long. I’ve seen the lousiest doctor too. Giving ridiculous medicine for the wrong reasons and charge exceptionally high.

And so, I changed a new doctor recently. This doctor is very different from the other doctors that I’ve went to. Different as in, the medication that he gives does not prevent but encourages more pimple to grow. I think his exact words were,

You apply this on your face, just a small drop and rub it all over. For the first three days, your face will be dry and some peeling of skin may occur but don’t panic. Its normal. After that you apply this cream. It makes all the pimple come out.

WHAT?!! Now, places that is pimple free and smooth and soft feels like kertas pasir! Pssssh…. I’m pissed off!



Enough of pimples already! We went out to KL yesterday doing a little shopping, it was Esther’s fault actually. Nobody wanted to go but Esther kept pestering dad to buy her Play Doh. SHE IS REALLY SPOILT WE WENT ALL THE WAY TO KL TO BUY PLAY DOH.   Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket <— Play-Doh

The best part is I finally bought a boxset of my own. My very own Supernatural DVD box set! Yeay, I am so happy. I’ve bought a photo album at last, now my pictures have a proper place. I spent few hours arranging photos of me, friends and the family and it was fun.

I need a new watch. I waited so long for it to die. This time around, no more Swatch watches. Mine was a James Bond Edition, it was good but I’m not interested anymore. I want Tag Heuer Aquaracer. Lets wish Santa is happy this year.




I still feel like a toad. Crroakk


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