Of Salesperson, manners, labels and being me

Do avoid this blog. It is hell boring. Yes it is and I’m not doing the reverse psychology thingy that people do to get your attention. This post this time is just for


Tonight is one of those nights where I do a lot of thinking. Random thought, a little bit of everything here and there. It’s been a long time since my last one, it feels good to have so many things to think about. My wish; which is near impossible is to be able to have some device of technology that can pen down all my thoughts. When there are so many things going through your head, its hard to trace it back and put into words again. Many things are left unsaid, many are forgotten.


One of the things I notice and that really bugs me is manners. Manners; little and tedious as they seem are in fact really important. I used to hate it when mum says I have no manners. Its annoying. Manners is so tedious. Yet, I’ve come to learn that it is crucial. I don’t know about everyone else but I was taught to respect and be respectful of others. I’m not praising but I think mum and dad did a good job with me.


I’ve come across a fair deal of rude people and today of all the days, it just ticks me off. I hate it when salesmen or saleswomen are rude. I see it happening a lot when shopping. Tell me if I’m wrong but is it not true and rational that customers should be treated with respect? Respect is part of manners, ain’t it not? Just assume that it is. There is no point, no benefit for  them to show those sour-face-like-I’ve-owe-you-a lot of-money to customers. No point, no benefit for them to argue with customers. It gets on my nerves when they don’t answers your questions properly.

Me:      “Can I know the difference of 4 gears and 6 gears?”
Sales:  “Lar… Its just how many gears you have.”
Me:      “Erm.. I know that (OBVIOUSLY) but what does it mean to have 4 and
Sales:   Gives irritated look and lousy pointless useless description
Me:       “Okay, thanks (FOR NOTHING).

Sales person likes to look down on people, that is for sure.


Once, when I was helping mum to hold her Loius Vutton bag, they practically swarm me, all smiles on their face, offering help and explanations. Damn hypocrites. Does the materials define a person?


Anyhow, my point is that people should have manners especially those whose job is to deal with customers. When one is treated with manners, she or he tends to feel happy and respected.







Judging a book by its cover is one of the things that annoys me. I hate it when people do it. I try my best not to do it though its happens every now and then. Many years ago, I made a vow to myself not to define a person by their looks. I know behind every faces lies a different story.


One of the few things that people define me is nice. Nice. What is nice? What is the criteria of nice? How is nice nice? Its just annoying, you know. People see me as vain, selfish, happy, fat, beautiful, gossipy, stupid, clever, silly, funny, silent, an angry person, lost soul.



Is that all I am?


I don’t want to be labeled. I want live out of the box , out of what they tag me as, out of the labels.


I don’t want to be labeled.


Those are how people perceive me to be, identities that does not belong to me. I want to be who I am; who I aim to be; what I plan to be; how I choose to live. Who I am cannot be determined by those adjectives. I don’t want to confine or restrict myself to the possibilities of who I can be or what I can achieve.


I want to be me. A me does what the heart feels is the best. A me is shaped through the experiences in her life. A me is a free spirit. A me is not influenced by people but influenced by her own thoughts and thinking skills. A me is able to act and think for herself.


I hope that I can find who me is in the near future. If I happen to find me but poor, I’ll be rich in a sense that I found who I am.


I believe that self-searching is an on-going process that knows no end. Most people say that they know who they are by 40 years old. It might be true, but still I believe that it is an on-going process. Who you are and who you might be all depends on your choices everyday life.


I have always wanted to make a difference in this world. I really have no idea how to do it; I really want to. I don’t know how one person can make a difference. I want to make the most out of my time here. I want to be recognized even after I am gone, I want to make my time to be worthwhile. I don’t need no Oscar Award, Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize; though it would be totally awesome!!!  🙂


By the way, I just have the urge to tell you the origin of Nobel Prize, but just in short… If I am correct, the name came from the C19 Sweden chemist and engineer, Alferd Nobel, who endowed the prize. You see, I’m sometimes addicted to *useless* information like this.


I hope I make sense to whoever you are out there who reads my clouded thoughts. I don’t do a good job explaining. It took me two solid hours to jot down this, I really appreciate your effort reading this thoroughly (I doubt that. Haha!) This sure is a long one. It feels so good to write all this down.


I’m all beat up. I need some rest, had a full day shopping for New Years clothes. Aloha!


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