Updates and Holiday

It is nearly one week of my holiday… Its been fun. Hanging out at home, lazy-ing around and stuff but doing it for a week is dreadful. I realise its been a really long time since I last blogged so thats why I’m here tonight. Feeling guilty.

I’ve been very busy the past semester. Its my first year last semester and as expected, things were hectic. Courses like Metabolic Biochemistry, Physiological Science 1 and Microbiology were tough like hell. The longer you study, the tougher and strict-er the lecturers are. I kind of miss having fresh graduates as teacher, the ones you can bully. And the ones that hangs out with their students.

I once have this teacher in Form 2, she’s training at our school and she’s really cool. Me and my bunch of friends would hang out at Pusat Sumber, which is her so-called-office because the bilik guru is packed, whenever we got spare time. She had this jar of candy that she put in the middle of the table, and thats our main attraction *apart from hanging out with her of course*. Chocolates are girl’s best friend. No doubt to that. We’d finish all the candies, leaving 2-3 for her plus the wrappers. Haha Smile When her training ended, we held a small party in class. She gave a beautiful speech. Praising us, saying we were her first students and the best. Gave candies (again) as parting gifts. There weren’t a single dry eyes in the class. It was sad. After she left, the gang went and lepak at her place for the last time. She gave me an extra gift, I was a bit closer to her than the other. And I went home that day with puffy eyes.

The old times… Those were the days.

Anyhow, I’m glad the semester ended. I can’t believe this but I actually kind of like Biochemistry. =P  Getting ready for a new beginning, a new start, clean sheet. Second year now baby!! Woohoo!!

So whats new whats new?! Hmmm…. Well for one, I’m finally growing my hair long again. A lot of people seemed to forgot that I had long hair once, for a very long time. Haha! Shame on you.. *Showing off new picture*          

Whatelse whatelse… Hmm… Oh yeah, I celebrated Vinie’s birthday on March. Happy Birthday again, you stinky ol’ lady! Apart from that, I think I’m better at communicating with people. Its such a shame when you can’t explain yourself to other. I’m putting an effort to it, just not too much.. I’m saving money for a special event on May. Its going to be great.

I’m still aiming to be as fit as Jessica Alba, I just love her abs.. And guys… Well, they just love her. Its a tough act to follow. I’m determined! Haha =P

Sophie Kinsella has got a brand new book… I’ve finish reading it.. Haha! Nerd…


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