Being stuck at home just makes my day.

Stuck at home really sucks. There is nothing to do. I’m watching tv and the computer screen every second. Astro is damn outdated. All shows are super duper old except for American Idol. Season 1 of Prison Break? Come on lar, Michael Scolfield is now in Panama jail for godsake. Smallville? Yeah yeah, old news. And as for American Idol broadcast via satelite, the show quality is dissapointing.. You’d know what I mean when you see it, its wrecking the songs completely.

But anyhow, me and dad went to KL yesterday.Dad finally tinted my car. Yipee.. 99% of infrared light and 80% UV light filtered. Its pretty costly but there is a difference. The sales guy was so confident when we ask whether it complies with JPJ rules.

      “Our window tint is all approved by JPJ. But if they give you a ticket just bring it back to us and we will pay for you”

He’d better walk the talk or I’m suing! On another note, I’ve uploaded a video of my poodle on Youtube. I’m telling because I want more views. Aha!


Left to right: Lion and erm.. somebody? I am so in love with Leona Lewis, I bought her CD Spirit. Spending money is so fun! I should definitely be a personal shopper. She is here to stay, no one hit wonder. All her songs are pretty awesome. Esther and I are totally getting jiggy with it. Another thing that I really wish I have is a pair of earphones. Good one. My not so pearly white iPod earphone is in an embarrasing state. With tapes. I’ve got my eyes and wallet prepared for a Phillips earphone. =D  In the future

Aunt Doo Nee sent us a letter all the way from America. Its a big surprise, we barely know each other. Its a surprise and I was quite touched by her remembering us here. She says she wants us to stay in touch and with the letter, she sent a clipping of a newspaper article. Milk of Magnesia a Home Remedy for Acne. Gee, she sure remember us girls! By the way, I still find her name funny. Its really out of the norm. Haha!


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