Results is Dissapointing

Semester results are out. Out of 4 subjects, I got B, B, B and C+.

Dad is going to strangle me to death.

No. Even worse. He is going to use that voice of him. That voice that says “You dissapointed me“. That, is a hundred times worse than strangling me to death. That voice. There is nothing more scary than him doing that. SHITTT! Usually when he gets my results, I’d avoid talking about anything that’s exciting for at least 3 weeks. Everytime I tell him something, he’d twist it all around and give me a scolding with that voice. Issh! I’d have to eat my own words.

This time with this C+ I better wait at least 2 months. He don’t know my results yet, the mail hasn’t arrive. For the time being, I’d better stay low. The thing that I am so very frustrated with is that, he doesn’t know how hard I work.

He doesn’t listen. He won’t take any explanation *all is excuses to him* He just look at the end results.

I’d really work hard. I’d given my all. I’ve studied until there is nothing to study. No, I’m not even exaggeratting one bit. This time around I really did my best. I spent few hundred hours studying until late at night, revised over and over.

I am so frustrated. I can’t sleep, can’t sit, can’t eat. There is nothing else I can think of except of BBBC+BBBC+BBBC+BBBC+




I hate dissapointing dad.






I hate dissapointing me more.


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