Two darn month.

It is approximately 2 months. 2 whole month of exams. 2 whole month of reports. 2 whole month of lab sessions. 2 whole month. Two months is a really long time. I’ve been sleeping at 2 am or earlier for the past two months. Pimples are practically swarming my whole face. My eyes are darker than a panda’s. My mood is swinging like its nobody’s business. Whoever said that Uni life is fun, is a BIG FAT LIAR!

In 3 weeks time, it will be final exams. After that, I am going to just sleep and sleep and sleep. I will be hibernating.


And on a lighter note, I went for my interview with Cryocord 2 weeks ago. It went fine, the Human Resource person didn’t ask me any of the things that I practised. Darn! Its like, you spot and study the chapter and nothing came out in the exam. But anyhow, he gave me a spot in the Sales and Marketing. Meaning, I’d have to go out and promote the company, brag and praise their products. Honestly speaking, I am exactly like the chipmunk I have at home. The chipmunks are shy, distance themselves from stranger, hyperactive when nobody’s around and like to bury food inside the shit. Yup, I am exactly like chipmunks.

Marketing will be hell for me. I have to talk (OMG, Stella talks? Fer sure?).

So right now, I’m desperately wishing and hoping other companies to give me another post. If not, after my internship I’ll be so so trained in talking, I’ll be non-stop. Bad idea.

Hah, guess what? Internship is for 2 months also. Me and number 2 is destined together.


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