No Line!

It’s confirmed.

Digi sucks!

I got no connection for one whole day… I can’t call out, no calls coming in, I can’t text, I can’t do anything. What if I had an emergency?! What if I’m being kidnapped by a serial rapist? What if I’m gagged and my hands and legs are tied up but so coincidently I have my handphone at the back of my pants that I can use to call out? It’s like you see in the movies, in times of emergency the phone always abandons you and you die.

No seriously, this is really bad. I mean like, we’re in the era of technology. Everywhere you go, everbody is wired up with some kind of cool geeky piece of technology. Handphones, PDAs, laptops, mp3s, mp4s, iPod. Whatelse? Even cars have lots and lotsa buttons. *OOoowwee… Me likes buttons* Watches are now very techno-ish too, they have heat detector and digital compass.

Where’s the fat ugly yellow man?!


I want to sue!


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