Story of a Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little girl
This wasn’t just any little girl
Emmeline was three,
the only child of a curator and a soprano
She had everything a child could ever want…
but there was one problem.
Emmeline was forgotten by absolutely everyone
even the postman.
Mummy and daddy were always preoccupied
with the business of the day
There were no hugs.
No bedtime stories,
only a growing mountain of cold, lifeless toys
who could not scare away closet monsters
or admire her drawings
or more importantly,
love her back.
Emmeline tried her best to be a good little girl
Then she tried to be not-so good little girl,
Either way, no one was paying attention.
There was nothing she could do.

This reminds me of Esther.This speaks my mind. I am always scared that she would not turn out right. Or that she felt left out. I tried to make her feel like one of us. Not that she isn’t but….. just in case. I don’t want her to feel like she is facing the world, alone.

But she never failed to impress me again and again with what she could do. Maybe I should worry less. Let go a little.


I sound like an old lady  🙂


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