Degradation of Mankind

I sat in disbelief as I saw the 8 pm news. I couldn’t belive my ears at first. I was furious. Shocked. Disgusted. Ashamed. Just look at this.



Logically thinking, as time goes by the mankind should be more civilized. We have existed for some 2.5 million years. But what I see everyday, is just degradation of the civilization. Humans are becoming more barbaric. That is a bit harsh, but that is the only word fit to describe it.

We steal, we set fire, we destroy, we kill, we rape. Rape is the lowest point someone can go. But to rape a 5 year old?? I mean, WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING, KAMALASON? Poke her private part until her INTESTINE CAME OUT?

I feel sick just thinking about it.

Man, do you have no control at all?


Geez!! Have some self-respect! Have dignity!


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