My Lucky 080808

080808 is supposed to be a properous number. Fat fat fat. No, I mean fatt fatt fatt. 😛  Just ask any Chinese, they’ll say the same thing.

My birthday has triple eight’s. My car has double eight’s. My phone number has double eight’s. My house has an eight. I’m born surrounded by these eights. Properity. Today was supposed to be my luckiest day. 








Except than…..

I freaking banged my car.


No, not on any other day. It just had to be today. 080808. I was parking my car, reversed the butt *sifat* so that the sifat went in first. Its parked perfectly. But I wanted to drive it out a bit. Without switching to D, I pressed the fuel pedal for extra oomph….. and banged my sifat.

The big bang.

Damn it!

HAPPY 888!!! 😦


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