At Exactly 12.00pm…

… of my birthday, I was doing this.

                This looks like one from Alien Vs Predator

Oh it was fun… ;(


3 thoughts on “At Exactly 12.00pm…

  1. Owh… at least your one is not as bad as my last year’s b’day. I got Maths exam in the morning, had to hurry home with friends after exam, without bathing and me and my friends all smell and no good food, only with Tiger biscuit for lunch, we walked back to school, took a bus ride, sang and won first place =p though it’s really bad, sleep the whole day, go tuition, come back and slept the whole night. wasted lar…

  2. You had cake this year didn’t you? Don’t force me put that fugly photo up.

    I only had books and notes on my birthday. And last year, it was exam too.

    Hah! Beat THAT!!

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