Getting Old…

… is no fun at all. 😦

                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME


Now that I’m old and wrinkly, I might as well start smoking cigar and drinking more beers. Don’t know when I might just fall to the ground and drop dead. Because I’m so so old. I don’t want to die not knowing what cigar taste like. I don’t want to die not knowing how drunk I can be. And just how stupid I can be when I’m drunk. Now, I just have to remember to bring along a videocam. But then again, I’m so so old, I don’t know if I can remember anything. I HAVE DEMENTIA! Not to mention, I might just be running out of eggs! I’m infertile! My clock is ticking! One good thing though. Aunt’s not going to visit me every month, I’m sick of her honestly. Oh no, I need Botox too. I can feel my skin melting right now. Oh no, I’m not yet married!! Wargh, I don’t want to die alone. Oh no, I have PPppparrrkKKKiinsssoon…… … . .. .. . .

Geeeettinnng old ssssucks. Sssttuuppid Pppparrkkinssoonn.. .. . .. ..


Aah.. Back when I was younger. Youthful

I’m being grumpy and I’m nagging.





OMG, I really am getting old.


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