I am so glad final exams are over. It was a 2 week’s exam, 4 papers and 2 solid months of preparations. 2 months confronting lecture notes, reading it ever so thoroughly. Page after page, from left to right, up and down. I am so familiar with each pages that I can read out loud without having to look at it. *Well maybe a few glances here and there* I can even give my own lecture. I bet I am better than the lecturers!! 😉

Stayed up til early morning and slept for a mere 6 hours per day. 6 hours may be a lot for some people but for me, I need a ten hour’s sleep to function normally. I’m crappy and moody without enough sleep.

This time around, now that I’m in Year 2, the papers are a lot tougher. A lot a lot tougher. My finger is a bit swollen because I wrote too much. The last paper was a torture, I couldn’t hold the pen properly let alone write. Writing three hours for each paper, its a wonder my finger didn’t break.

I’m sick of studying!

I’m putting this post under Fears too. Bite me 😛


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