Holiday Readings

I have a lot of time on my plate. At least until uni reopens. I plan to catch up with my reading. I’ve bought quite a few books for the past few months. Been meaning to read it but there were just too many lab reports and assignments to be done and editted. Reading stupid journals takes up a lot of time.

I promise I won’t buy any more books until I read them all.

 Yeah, I finally got the Twilight series. Becca, be jealous! Still have Breaking Dawn to collect.


I actually bought this because I can’t stand the puppy face. Life and love with the world’s worst dog. Hah! I’ve got the world’s worst dog. Seriously.



I wanted Wuthering Heights initially but I couldn’t find it. End up buying Journey to The Centre of The Earth. I’m giving classics a shot.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Readings

  1. hey, instead of wasting money……..ask me lar……i bought them ages ago……(well, unless u only want “new” books in your collection)……..i’ve been trying to find a good home for my books cuz cupboards are overflowing……hehehehe

  2. vinie: u can donate books to me too… to broke to buy any books. lately been buying books to read. falling in love with this new hobby. (not so new, slowly developed since 3 years ago)… lol. joking joking, lend me some good books to read!

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