Being 20 & Everthing Between

If being 20 years old means I still don’t have a say on my hair color, then being twenty damn years old SUCKS!

I was a blondie a few days ago. Not anymore though. Dad and mum can’t accept it and had me re-dye it. They were practically bugging me every few hours about it. Mum, kept eyeing me and making comments. 😛

This is happens everytime that I had my hair dyed. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. ;(

Anyway, Adrian turned 20 today. Happy Birthday 🙂 Hope you have more freedom than me. I have conservative parents.


I’m hating Digi. Dad just gave me a scolding. Phone bill mounts up to RM100++
I’ve never had any problems back when I was using Celcom. Is it just me or what? I’m thinking of switching back but then again, the problem is telling everybody I’m switching again.



2 thoughts on “Being 20 & Everthing Between

  1. i’m 25 n my mom still bugs me bout my hairstyle. she has sumthng against long hair. (she must hv been a feminist in her youth!) so everytime my hair grows pass my shoulders, she started nagging me into cutting my hair. i understand everythng about parents who never let go.

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