Merdeka and Pancake :X


Happy 51st Birthday, Malaysia!


Each year, me and my sister would hang around dad’s room to wait for the live countdown on TV. As soon as the countdown and fireworks were over, we fell asleep. Hah!

But this year is an exception. We were hyper and “rajin” enough to get our butts off the bed, go around town and joined the countdown. It was cool, we seldom go out at night because that is mum’s interpretation of bad girls’. Hanging out in the middle of the night, a big NO NO. There were fireworks! :O Fireworks in the little town of Raub? For a mere 3 minutes? Ok, maybe 5 minutes… Nevertheless, that is huge news for the folks.

Fireworks. Now I realise how hard it is to take pictures of it. Not too bad of a job, eh?

Finally a family photo after a long time.


When we finally got home, it was no surprise that mum, dad and Esther crawled into bed as fast as they could.

Me and Becca were hungry and she made… PANCAKES!




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