Car Accident

This is the scariest day of my life.

Two days ago, a total of 7 cars were crashed -including mine and a cement lorry.

I don’t remember much what happened, I am still traumatised by the incident.

From what I can recall, I saw a blue cement lorry through the rear mirror and it was moving way too fast. I felt weird that the lorry was still moving so fast because we were all waiting for the green light. When the lorry got closer, I kindof knew that it was going to crash my car. Everything after that is still a blur to me. I do remember an eerie sound of glass breaking and a loud B A N G. Next thing I know, my friend was shouting for me to get out of the car. Gas from the lorry leaked out. Luckily there’s no explosion whatsoever.

After getting out of the car, I just stood there. I saw that half of the Waja (that was in front of my car),was underneath the lorry. If I hadn’t seen the lorry coming, it would have been my car. After the lorry crashed onto my car, I kindof went to the left lane to minimize the impact and banged another car. Minutes later, it was raining heavily.

I’m sure I wasn’t in any shock but my friend and uncle, who came to tow my car an hour later, said I looked like it and I was pale. Dammit, I already put up my best face at the time. I nearly cried, my hands and legs felt weak and were shaking.

It was also my first time stepping into a police station.

The whole experience was scary and shocking. I’m grateful to be alive. My heart aches whenever I think of my car. Half of the car is a gone case.

Two accidents in two months, I must be having really bad luck.

PS: Forget to mention, the lorry driver ran away. The lorry driver has no license, the lorry has no road tax and insurance.


I must be having really bad luck.


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