I Blame…

Whenever I saw a Myvi for the past few weeks, I become super sad instantly. It reminds me of my own baby. I love to wash him whenever he’s back home again, I’d polish the tyres so that he looks like he just got a new shoe, I put RainX so that he doesn’t have teary eyes when it rains. Just as fast as I’m reminded of my own Myvi, I’m instantly reminded of this…

Dang! This is a party pooper! I secretly wish that I have the courage to scratch other people’s Myvi and break their windows :P. I blame that STOOOOOOOOPID lorry driver for being such an @$$H0!3

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy finishing lab report for MB 303 Human Molecular Genetic.

This thing right here, says that I have no leptin gene. Meaning, I am genetically fat. Now I can eat all I want without feeling guilty. And because of this thing, I’m practising sedantary lifestyle. I jog an hour and a half everyday. I feel fit, mentally. Physically, I’m still the same. All the sweating is no use. I blame mum and dad for my lack of leptin gene.


I went to Sunway yesterday with my housemate after 3 whole weeks being stuck at home. I tell you, Sunway has the best arcade! I think we spend around RM30 there. o.O I blame her for using up all the tokens. She died a lot in Time Crisis 4. I won the Super Mario Go Cart again! I’m good at racing 😛 

I haven’t spoilt myself for a long time and I haven’t bought anything for 5-6 months. I refuse to go home empty-handed. And so we headed to a bookstore. I bought myself a highlighter and a small notebook. 🙂 I felt so giddly happy afterwards.

The rainbow stripes is so hypnotizing. I secretly envy Adrian, Alex and Adeline because their dad operates a stationary shop. I’d think to myself, “Why can’t dad open a stationary shop instead?” I blame Western because its a clothing shop instead of a bookstore.


I blame the carpenter whose studytable I bought for this…

2.5 inches scar on my left leg. I look like one of those tai kar cheh with l’alcool d’une part et cigarette sur l’autre, with a toothpick stuck on the side of the mouth.


3 thoughts on “I Blame…

  1. HELLOOOOO……it’s NOT ME who used up ALL THE TOKENS!!! we have the SAME SHARE OF TOKENS….. At times….YOU DIE FASTER than me in the TIME CRISIS 3!!! anyway….hope we go play TIME CRISIS 4 AGAIN!!! this time, MUST BRING MORE $$$…. THIS TIME SURE SCORE BETTER!!!

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