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In less than a week, I will be starting my first real job at Sime Darby. ūüôā

I’m both excited and nervous!!¬†Excited to know what it feels like to be in the field. Nervous because I know I will embarrass myself. Somehow, I have a tendency to do that.

Gosh, I will never forget my interview with INSBioscience. It was just plain… stupid. I was so darn nervous, my hands started to sweat, my head goes blank, butterflies in¬†stomach. Even my glasses fogged up. Jeez! I¬†gave the most unimaginable answer when she asked my what my hobbies are. I was thinking to myself, “Shoot! I haven’t prepare the script for this question yet. What’s my hobby? What’s my hobby? What’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobbyWhat’s my hobby

Nevertheless, I’m still excited to go to work. It beats having to study all day and night!


The Creature

For some reason, I was in a basement room. It could’ve been¬†an underground room, but I’m not too sure. Things are kind of blurry. I wanted to get out of the room, and I found the stair that would lead me to the door. I reach the door without any problem.

As I opened the door, that is when my nightmare begins. My worst nightmare. Those red eyes were staring right at me. The eyes that belonged to a devilish creature, my worst nightmare. The creature had orange and white stripes, four paws and two perky ears. The creature was much smaller than me, but I know better than to underestimate it.

The creature wanted to come down the stairs through the door. The door was my only escape. I’m so close to freedom, I can taste it. So near yet so far. If it succeeded coming down,¬†I would be doomed.¬†¬†My gut tells me so.

Suddenly, I had the courage to overcome this fear of mine. I don’t know what told me to face the creature but I did. Standing face to face, being this close to it, I nearly fainted but I have learn to toughen up throughout the years.

I took a book? that was nearby and within my grasp. I couldn’t leave the door nor could I close it. The creature’s head was coming through the door. The book was my only choice. I shooed it at first. That didn’t seemed to work. The creature was unfazed, it was amused by my weak attempt. I used the book then, swinging it left to right.

Shoo you shoo! Just go away!

The creature looked afraid for a minute! The small victory gave me courage. I did the swinging and shoo-ing again but this time the creature was mad. It was mad. At. Me. Now, I’m scared.

I drop the brave facade, called for help.

At this very moment, the creature leaped forward. I missed it by this close.


I jerked hard…

I’m awaken.

It’s all a bad dream.

It’s just a bad dream. Nothing but a bad dream.

Nothing to be scared of. Its just a stupid cat. Go back to sleep.

The House of Bunny

I have never in a million years thought that I would watch The House of Bunny. I felt it would be a waste of money watching that movie, even the name sounds weird. I wanted to watch Pathology at first but time wasn’t on my side. I don’t know what made me change my mind, I bought the tickets for The House of Bunny instead. I was too desperate.

At the start of the movie¬†I was knew it. It was a copy of Legally Blonde and I instantly missed that movie. I was sceptically, I thought “This would be no match against Legally Blonde.” Boy, was I in for a surprise!!

The movie kicked off with a story of Shelly, an orphan who was never in the spotlight. She is the unnoticeable nerd type and never adopted. When she turned 17, she went to live in Playboy mansion. And that’s when all the fun *with boobies involved* started. Shelly is this typical goofy dumb blonde. After 10 years, she turns 27 (59 years in bunny years) and got kicked out of Playboy mansion.

Being homeless, she stumbled upon a sorority house in need of a housemother. The Zeta Alpha Zeta is fulled with geeky girls. It was all laughter from thereon. Shelley having to growl everyone’s name in order to remember it, is the most funny part of all. I won’t be spoiling the movie by letting the cat out of the bag.

This movie had me laughing sooo hard, popcorns flew everwhere. I laughed til I cry, and I nearly choked myself to death laughing. At the end of the show, my stomach ache like hell. And that is how funny the movie is. Its nice watching a silly movie once in a while.

What I like most about this movie is that, it shows that even geeky nerdy weird girls can turn out pretty cool and funky. Don’t judge a book by its cover, eh?

The House Bunny is, as the title suggests, just simple fluffy fun. I’m giving this, 5 out of 5!


Kids Pt. 3

Me: Esther, we’re going to Tunas Manja.¬†Go shopping.¬†YEAY!!! Want to buy stuff la.

Esther: No, don’t go there!!!!
Me: Why not? I haven’t went there yet wor.. Its new, sure nice to walk.
Esther: They lie people geh. They say ah… SEMUANYA MURAH.
But actually, SEMUANYA MAHAL. We don’t go there. We go to TF Supermarket. It’s big and veeery murah.
Me: -.-

**At the cashier while paying**

Esther: Wah!! Enam puluh ringgit. See! I told you. SEMUANYA MAHAL! You don’t listen to me.
Me: -.-