The Creature

For some reason, I was in a basement room. It could’ve been an underground room, but I’m not too sure. Things are kind of blurry. I wanted to get out of the room, and I found the stair that would lead me to the door. I reach the door without any problem.

As I opened the door, that is when my nightmare begins. My worst nightmare. Those red eyes were staring right at me. The eyes that belonged to a devilish creature, my worst nightmare. The creature had orange and white stripes, four paws and two perky ears. The creature was much smaller than me, but I know better than to underestimate it.

The creature wanted to come down the stairs through the door. The door was my only escape. I’m so close to freedom, I can taste it. So near yet so far. If it succeeded coming down, I would be doomed.  My gut tells me so.

Suddenly, I had the courage to overcome this fear of mine. I don’t know what told me to face the creature but I did. Standing face to face, being this close to it, I nearly fainted but I have learn to toughen up throughout the years.

I took a book? that was nearby and within my grasp. I couldn’t leave the door nor could I close it. The creature’s head was coming through the door. The book was my only choice. I shooed it at first. That didn’t seemed to work. The creature was unfazed, it was amused by my weak attempt. I used the book then, swinging it left to right.

Shoo you shoo! Just go away!

The creature looked afraid for a minute! The small victory gave me courage. I did the swinging and shoo-ing again but this time the creature was mad. It was mad. At. Me. Now, I’m scared.

I drop the brave facade, called for help.

At this very moment, the creature leaped forward. I missed it by this close.


I jerked hard…

I’m awaken.

It’s all a bad dream.

It’s just a bad dream. Nothing but a bad dream.

Nothing to be scared of. Its just a stupid cat. Go back to sleep.


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