Working Experience

The first week had passed! Working in Sime Darby Technology Center makes me so nervous. So nervous that I didn’t get any sleep at all the day before. I was thinking too much. I ran through everything that would come up on the next day, what I should wear, what it would look like and also how to get there. Haha! Before I knew it, the alarm is off signalling 6.30 a.m.

The first few days were quite boring because I still wasn’t assigned a supervisor, so all I did was walking around the labs and asking people what they were doing, visit the pantry a lot too!! The coolest thing about the pantry is that they have Nestle dispencer, which means I get to choose between drinking Nescafe, white coffee, expresso, cappuccino, milo or teh tarik. Teh tarik is the only one that I’ve drank but fret not, I shall have a taste of all the drink by the end of the two months I’m there!

They have a lot of expensive and sophisticated looking machines. And the best part is, I’m allowed to use them freely. I am attached to Bioprocessing Technology. I’m learning a lot, applying everything that I’ve learnt and perfecting my techniques. I am now assigned a project which deals with microbiology. A lot of agar, plating, culturing. Fun!!! My supervisor is a good person too, he’s patient and explains everything well. 🙂

Traffic jam is the only thing that annoys me. Hate both Federal Highway and East West Link Highway.

Apart from that, working is a good experience. Looking forward to next week!


5 thoughts on “Working Experience

  1. hey, hey………..working gurl……when u gonna belanja me with ur first pay????? 6.30am? to get ready???? wow, tat early…cant complain cuz its suppose to be helpful… d future……..

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