New Year…

… in just under ten minutes. Frankly, this year just passes me by. Nothing happened. Or perhaps I’ve been wasting my time.

I don’t care, really. I’m cruising through day by day. Trying to be optimistic, taking in whatever life brings me.

Can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow.

Happy New Year.


Kids Pt. 5

Situation: In the car, going to KL. Me, Esther and Rebecca at the backseat.


Me        :   Esther, you are an idiot?
Esther    :   *Laughs* What is idiot?
Me        :   Idiot is… idiot lar! Idiot is you.
Esther    :   I don’t know what is idiot. I don’t know.
Me        :   You ask Becca. You say, “Becca, what is idiot?
Esther    :   Oh, ok! *Turns to the right* Becca, you idiot onot?
Becca   :   NO! I’m not an idiot. You lar, you’re an idiot!
Me        :   *Laughs* Eh Esther, you ask daddy see.

Esther    :   Daddy!!! Are you an idiot?
Me        :   *Laughing out loud*
Becca   :   *Laughing out loud*
Dad       :   -____-”  *Swt*
Esther    :   Mummy!! Are you an idiot?
Mum     :   What did you say? Itik is it? Ohhh, itik is duck loh!
Me        :   *Laughing out loud*
Becca   :   *Laughing out loud*

Me         :   So Esther… Are you an idiot?
Esther    :   Yes, I am idiot.
Me        :   *Laughing out loud*
Becca   :   *Laughing out loud*


After awhile…

Me         :   Esther… You’re a nerd. You know that?
Esther    :   *Getting frustrated* What is nerd? Haiyoh.. I don’t know. Don’t keep asking me.
Me         :   Well, Bec’s a nerd. She’s our family. So, are you nerd too?
Esther    :   *Thinks for awhile* If like that, then Rebecca is not your family loh!
Me         :   *Laughing out loud*
Becca   :   -_____-” *Swt*


…for words and actions.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say.

Everyone is sad and depressed.

Without her presence here, home doesn’t feel like home. Its too quiet here. The only sound remaining is from the TV and the sister who’s too young to comprehend the situation.

Home doesn’t feel like home. Something’s missing, I can’t pinpoint what is. I know what is missing but nothing that I could do to make it right.

So, I sit here. Struggling from within.

Dear Cca…

In a few more hours, you’ll be off to some place called Hijrah. I know you don’t like Hijrah but still, there’s nothing you can do.

In this three months that you’ll be away, I will be missing you. All of us here, in fact. Excluding Esther Esther will miss you as well.

I’ll be missing you for many many reasons. Here’s some of it from the top of my head.

Nobody to eat rojak with me. Nobody to watch horror movies with me. Nobody play piano with me. Nobody to sing with together. Nobody to bath with together. Nobody to sleep with at night.

I’ll miss bathing and sleeping with you most. 😛
Cca, you take care.


Ps: Can I not send you off? It’s too early in the morning. Please??

Pss: Don’t get pregnant over there! Serious.



Ailurophobia simply means fear of cats. And… I am an ailurophobes. I don’t hate or loathe cats. Most people don’t believe that I’m afraid of cat, some are annoyed because they think I am faking. Especially when they know that I have three dogs at home. Ironic isn’t it?

I thought I got over this phobia. Apparently not.

I surfed the net not too long ago for the causes of ailurophobia and found out an interesting fact. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Julius Caesar and Mussolini are all ailurophobes. It seems I’m not the only one afraid of cats!

Kids Pt. 4

Situation: While watching TV.

Me:     Esther, you got brain or not?
Esther: … (thinks for awhile) What is braind?
Me:     (Suppressing a big laughter)Braind is otak. You got otak or
Esther: Yeeerr.. What is that?! Hahah! I don’t have otak laaa.


 A few weeks later…


Situation: In a dressing room while shopping for New Year’s clothes for a 6 year old.

Mum:        Esther!!!! Stand properly… Ahh, this is a nice pants! Its a bit
                 big though.
Esther:      (Fumbling around with her t-shirt and balancing herself)
Rebecca: But the colour…. Its URGHLY!! Its like brown but not
                 brown. Ewgh!
Mum:        (Stressed and desperate to finish shopping) Becca, you
                 don’t use your perspective to look at it. She’s still a small
                 kid and its nice!!
Esther:       YEAH! Your braind is rosak already!
Rebecca:  ….. (Dumbfounded)