I just got back home from KL using our public transportation. One word to summarize my journey. Lousy! This is my third time riding a bus and hopefully I don’t have to do resort to bus again. The bumpy road, filthy toilet and smell of cigarette I can stand. But not the ill-mannered person sitting behind the counter. Very rude.

On a brighter note, tomorrow I’ll be off to Penang for a well-deserved holiday. Yeay! I’ve finally sent my leave letter to my work co-ordinator. Clothes are all packed up. Handphone is full of new songs. I’m ready! Penang here I come!! =D

Sick and tired of this raining season. Getting out of KL and its jam for some sunshine, char keow teow, Penang rojak, asam laksa, har mee and bbq chicken wings.

Hope to take lots of pictures but meanwhile here’s a really cute picture I couldn’t resist not showing off. Hah!



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