Kids Pt. 4

Situation: While watching TV.

Me:     Esther, you got brain or not?
Esther: … (thinks for awhile) What is braind?
Me:     (Suppressing a big laughter)Braind is otak. You got otak or
Esther: Yeeerr.. What is that?! Hahah! I don’t have otak laaa.


 A few weeks later…


Situation: In a dressing room while shopping for New Year’s clothes for a 6 year old.

Mum:        Esther!!!! Stand properly… Ahh, this is a nice pants! Its a bit
                 big though.
Esther:      (Fumbling around with her t-shirt and balancing herself)
Rebecca: But the colour…. Its URGHLY!! Its like brown but not
                 brown. Ewgh!
Mum:        (Stressed and desperate to finish shopping) Becca, you
                 don’t use your perspective to look at it. She’s still a small
                 kid and its nice!!
Esther:       YEAH! Your braind is rosak already!
Rebecca:  ….. (Dumbfounded)


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